An entrepreneur who wishes to invest their capital in any business in the United States has a series of potential visas for which s/he can apply. The first possible visa is an E1 visa (Nonimmigrant treaty traders) and it is specifically for those who wish to perform treaty trades. The second possible visa the E2 visa (Nonimmigrant treaty investors), is an investor visa. The E1 and E2 visas are great for business opportunities and are there for natural citizens of countries that have free trade with the United States. These visas last quite a while since they are set out in the economic treaty for each state. Those qualified for E1 visas can perform substantial trade in American territory. Those qualified for E2 visas can develop and direct business operations in which they have invested large amounts of cash. These visas originated for the purpose of improving the economic exchange between the United States and other countries; therefore, it is recommended that foreign citizens with any E visa should buy an American company that will operate as a business sponsor for foreign investors. Lastly, the EB 5 visa is an entrepreneurial visa. Applicants for the EB 5 immigrant investor visa program must have a capital of $1,000,000 to conduct negotiations, or $500,000 to invest in a specific area, as a regional area, where you will be allowed to also apply for a real estate investment visa in the U.S. On top of that, applicants must make sure that they generate more than ten jobs with the creation of the new company.

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