Green Card Lawyer

To establish permanent residency in the United States, a person will most likely need a permanent alien registration card, which is commonly known as a green card. Green cards allow foreigners to live and work in the United States. Although this is what a green card offers, there is a two-year conditional period before the applicant receives the permanent residency visa. Once a green card is obtained, it will last for 10 years with options to renew as needed. Conditions for renewal, as well as for maintaining the green card require that the alien continues to maintain clean criminal records, as well as a clean driving record, though we can still work with you if there are any of these infractions.

Since the government only issues a specific amount of these each year, it is imperative that the application be started as soon as possible. Green cards are immensely competitive to receive and approval for green cards consists of highly meticulous material that needs to be presented accurately. There may be circumstances that arise where factors either impede or even void an applicant’s eligibility altogether.

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