There are many reasons an individual may face deportation and needs defense. Such reasons including a student falling behind in their school hours, a driver being pulled over for a traffic violation, or an applicant being denied immigration benefits applications (even if denied in error) may lead to deportation proceedings. These scenarios are so fragile that even a criminal case from 30 years prior may inhibit an applicant, even if it was not deemed an actual conviction under local law (i.e. a deferred adjudication dismissal). These results can even occur to those who are lawful permanent residents. Such proceedings may be triggered by any number of circumstances including criminal convictions and failure to maintain status.

Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek accept all kinds of removal cases, even those where the client is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and we work with you wherever you are located. We also accept cases seeking custody redetermination before an immigration judge (i.e. immigration bonds). 

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