No Blank Policy Recaptures Original Filing Date

Aug 23, 2021

The U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, recently approved settlement agreement of Vangala et al. v. USCIS et al., No. 4:20-cv-08143(N.D. Cal.) regarding Trump administration “No Blank Policy” on Applications for asylum and U visa. No Blank Policy resulted in rejection of all applications that even one blank space left in the entire application, even though no response to the question was available.

According to new settlement agreement individuals whose asylum or U visa forms were rejected under the former policy may resubmit their request on or before July 20, 2022, to recapture date that their applications were rejected.  USCIS agreed to send notice to individuals that their applications were rejected. Individuals must submit supporting documents and request to recapture earlier date. USCIS will issue receipts reflecting the date U visa or asylum was filed originally and it was rejected.

The full details of the settlement agreement may be found on USCIS website, if you feel that you may have been affected by the previous “No Blank Space” policy, please reach out to the Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek. Our immigration specialized attorney will be able to assist with the re-submittal of these forms. Contact us today at (714) 432 – 1333!