Student Visa Holders to Stay Longer

Jul 12, 2021

The Biden administration has decided to withdraw the proposed rule that international students would have shorter terms for their student visas. This proposed rule originated in 2020 during the Trump administration and received widespread criticism.

The proposed rule would have required many international students to file extension requests for their visas in order to finish their educational endeavors. For students coming from countries with a 10% rate of people who overstay their visa or from a country in which the U.S. State Department has deems is on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, their student visas would have been subjected to a two-year limit. Therefore, foreign students would either have to completely reapply for another visa or renew their valid visa, both of which would cost a significant amount for students.

Dissenters are happy for the removal of this potential guidance because it would be less of a burden on international students, who already have many other concerns. Additionally, U.S. employers have been relieved of this task because they would have also needed to file extensions for their employees to stay on schedule with start dates and continuation of employment.

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