New Work Permit Issuance Regulation

Jun 17, 2021

USCIS is instating a new process called Bona Fide Determination. This process will give victims of crime the ability to receive an employment authorization more quickly while remaining safe, protected, and earning a living in the United States. It will offer deferred action to petitioners with a pending U visa that are determined as bona fide, or done in good faith and lacking intention to deceive or be fraudulent. Part of this approval will be properly filled forms, a personal statement or affidavit detailed with facts of the crime and victimization, and biometric results submitted. USCIS will then offer employment authorization after needed background checks and confirming that the petitioner has not, does not, nor will not pose a risk to public safety or national security.

This guidance is already in effect and applies to all pending applications as well as those filed after June 14, 2021. Should you have any questions or concerns about your visa, call Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek at (714) 432 – 1333 today to ease your worries!