More Petitions for Central American Children

Jun 17, 2021

Media has reported that the Biden administration has made it possible for more immigrant children from Central America to come to the United States legally. This stems from the Central American Minors program instated during the Obama administration; the program was meant to discourage youth from Central America to travel to the southern border of the United States. The program originally gave at-risk children in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador the opportunity to enter the U.S. given that their parents had obtained legal status, such as green cards and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The Central American Minors program was halted for some time due to the Trump administration’s efforts to diminish programs that assisted in humanitarian immigration. However, in the past couple of months, the Departments of State and Homeland Security started reopening familial applications.

Currently, President Biden has expanded the eligibility for immigrant parents who could apply for their children; parents with pending applications for asylum or U visas are also able to petition. If you have a question regarding this update or regarding your own immigration case, call Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek today at (714) 432 – 1333.