Time for an Immigration Reform

Apr 30, 2021

President Biden help a joint session with Congress and shared several plans for the future. One of those plans was a call to pass immigration reform, including an opportunity for undocumented individuals to become an American citizen. Biden proudly shared that that immigrants have contributed so much to the United States, especially during the pandemic and that it is time for an update in immigration policies. The president also specified that Dreamers, those who came to America as a young person and essentially only knows America to be their home; TPS recipients, those who have a protection from their home country; and farmworkers should be paved a pathway for citizenship.

Before the joint session, President Biden had a meeting in the Oval Office with some lawmakers. In this meeting, he pledged that this legislation would happen with or without the Republican support. However, it seemed that vow fell short during the session, as the message was not uttered. Hopefully, the president doesn’t need to threaten the Republicans and that an immigration reform will be passing soon. Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek will stay up-to-date on this matter. But, in the meantime, should you have questions regarding your own immigration case, call us at (714) 432 – 1333 today to receive support!