Trump-era Policies End

Apr 23, 2021

Two prominent policies created during the Trump administration are dismantling. The first is that ICE will reverse the fines issued to immigrants for failing to leave the United States. Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas states that there is no evidence that these fines have increased departure compliance. These fines could cost up to $799 every day that the immigrant did not leave the country. However, advocates argue that these fines were simply methods of threatening and scaring the foreign immigrants for fighting against the administration.

Secondly, House has approved a bill that will prevent the executive branch to create travel bans, such as that of the former administration which prohibited foreign individuals from primarily Muslim countries, such as Iran and Libya. This order from the former administration was immediately revoked on President Biden’s first day in office. Additionally, citizens and other people with legal status who are detained at U.S. ports of entry will be able to contact an attorney who can guide them through their rights.

These two policies fall in-line with the Biden administration’s notice of focusing more on immigrants with a more dangerous criminal background and not discriminating foreigners from the country or religion in which they come. If you would like to start your immigration case and schedule a consultation appointment, call Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek today at (714) 432 – 1333.