Fewer Deportations Under Biden

Apr 9, 2021

Media has reported that in the last month, there was a significant drop in the number of immigrants that have been arrested and/or deported in comparison to the number of arrests and deportations under the Trump administration. In March, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 2,214 foreign nationals, a reduction from 6,679 immigration arrests in December. Additionally, there were 2,886 deportations in March under the Biden administration; this is a steep decline from 5,838 in December and 10,353 in October.

ICE has stated that under the Biden administration, it will aim its attention to immigrants who are deemed a threat to public safety and/or national or border security. The organization will revert back to the statutes invoked under President Obama in place of continuing the previous administration’s aggressive and unorganized immigration methods. ICE is not currently arresting and deporting immigrants with minor criminal records.

We are happy to see that these numbers are on a declining slope and hope to see this trend continue. If you have questions about your immigration status, want to start your immigration case, or anything else, call Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek today at (714) 432-1333 to get some information!