New DACA Applications Accepted

Dec 9, 2020

USCIS posted on its web site yesterday that DACA new applications will be accepted based on policy prior to September 5, 2017, effective immediately. This means that USCIS is currently processing first-time DACA and Advance Parole (Travel Documents) applications.


Department of Homeland Security has already stated that it may seek other forms of relief from the decision of the US District Court. Therefore, there is no guarantee how long this acceptance of new applications will last. Once this window closes, there is no telling how long it may take for the new administration to reinstate DACA.

If you are under 39 years old, you may have an opportunity to apply for DACA and receive employment authorization and travel documents. Contact Law Offices of Wiliani-Malek to evaluate your qualification for DACA. Call us today at (714) 432-1333 so we can review and start your case!