DHS Aiming at International Students Again

Sep 26, 2020

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is once again proposing changes to international student visas. In July, DHS tried to implement the guidance of removing international students who were attending college classes online (read more at our website). Now, the federal agency has announced plans of limiting the time period that international students have to stay in America. Currently, foreign national students are allowed to stay in America as long as they are able to “follow the terms of admission.” DHS claims that by mandating a time limit, there will be a decrease in fraud, better national security, and incite program compliance.

Notable facts from the proposal:

  • Most international students’ visas will cap at four years.
  • If the student comes from one of 43 countries that usually overstay their visa (including Nigeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and many in Africa), the visa is limited to two years.
  • Students could also face a two-year limit if they are from countries that the USA determines is a state sponsor of terrorism. These countries are Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan.
  • International students can apply for a visa extension but the guidelines for requirements are extremely strict.
  • Preparation and departure period have also been lowered from 60 days to 30 days.

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