USCIS Furloughs Planned for September

Aug 17, 2020

As the furlough of two-thirds of the USCIS staff is becoming more of a reality, a major delay is looming on the horizon for processing of the immigration applications for non-US citizens.

USCIS has claimed that it would need $1.2 billion to avoid furloughing two-thirds of the staff, roughly 13,400 employees of the 20,000. The furlough will be implemented on August 30, 2020 unless USCIS is able to receive some funding from the possible upcoming COVID-19 stimulus package in discussion in the US Congress. The effect this furlough would have on US Immigration is insurmountable as USCIS is already facing processing delays and has an ever-increasing backlog of applications. The hope is that USCIS can delay the furlough or eliminate it all together. More information can be found at the National Law Review and Forbes websites.

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