Removal of Conditions of Permanent Residence

Removal of Conditions of Permanent Residence - Married couples of less than two years in which one of the spouses receives a green card due to the marriage has conditions placed on their green card. Essentially, the beneficiary (green card holder) must file an application to have the conditions removed prior to two years anniversary of their green card. Generally, the couple must still be married at the time; however, there are several waivers available if the couple’s marriage is no longer viable. If you are divorced, separated or your spouse has died or refuses to join in the petition, you must file for a waiver of the requirement.

How The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek can help you: We can help you prepare your application for the removal of conditions. There are many documents and pieces of evidence the U.S. Immigration Agents want to see before they will approve the removal of conditions and allow you to become a permanent legal resident.


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