Reinstate Visa Petition Due to Deceased Petitioner

Reinstate Visa Petition due to Deceased Petitioner - Sometimes, the petitioner passes away before the beneficiary can immigrate to the United States or have the green card approved. This happens with married couples when a U.S. Citizen spouse or U.S. Citizen parent passes away while the immigrant spouse’s green card application is still pending. When the petitioner passes away, the visa petition is revoked automatically. Most beneficiaries do not realize that it is possible to get the visa petition reinstated.

How The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek can help you: We can file the necessary paperwork with the U.S. Government to have the petition reinstated. We understand that many beneficiaries of revoked visa petitions are experiencing a tremendous amount of pain in these instances. Not only has a loved one passed away, but the dream of living in the United States has vanished as well. We can help you salvage the visa petition and, hopefully stay in the United States.


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