O-1: Extraordinary Ability Visa

O-1: Extraordinary Ability Visa- O-1 visas are available to persons of proven extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. To be considered a person of extraordinary ability, you must have sustained national or international acclaim, or, if you work in motion pictures or television productions, you must have demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement. O-1 visas can be given only on the basis of individual qualifications. Membership in a group or team is not by itself enough to get you the visa. In addition, you must be coming to work or perform at an event or a series of events in the area of your extraordinary ability.

O-2: Support Staff Visa- O-2 visas are available to people who work as essential support personnel of O-1 athletes and entertainers. O-2 workers must be an integral part of the actual performance. The O-2 worker must also have critical skills, as well as experience with the particular O-1 worker.

O-3: Accompanying Relatives Visa- O-3 visas are available to accompanying spouses and children of O-1 or O-2 visa holders. O-3 visas allow relatives to remain in the U.S., but they may not work.


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