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American Investor Visa Orange County, California (E1/E2)

Within the immigration laws of the United States are many visa categories that are targeted to entrepreneurs who want to invest their capital in the business in the United States. These visas are operating under the category E. The E1 visa is for treaty traders, E2 investor visa and EB 5 Entrepreneur Visa.

The E1 and E2 visas are a great business opportunity for natural citizens of countries that have free trade with the United States. These visas are granted for some time as set out in the economic treaty with each state.

Foreign investor visa E1 can perform substantial trade in the American territory and citizens with E2 visa can develop and direct business operations in which they have invested large amounts of cash. Foreign citizens with visa E should buy an American company that will operate as a business sponsor foreign investor. These visas originated with the purpose of improving the economic exchange between the United States and other countries.

The EB 5 investments are aimed at foreigners who wish to invest in American businesses existing or establishing their own. Applicants for the Eb-5 immigrant investor visa program must have a capital of 1,000,000 dollars to conduct negotiations or $ 500,000 to invest in a particular area as a regional area and allowed to apply for real estate investment visa the USA. Also, they need to generate more than ten jobs with the creation of the new company. This is the special visa for employment generation — these visas for investors not classified within non-immigrant visas. Wiliani-Malek immigration law firm does not work on EB-5 visas.

Factors Necessary To Foreign Investor Visa Orange County

Many foreign individuals who wish to establish businesses in California will need to have specific qualifications to qualify for visas E1 / E2 / EB5, considering the immigration laws, such as:

E1 Visa (Nonimmigrant Treaty Traders)

  • Must be a well-defined plan of international trade and should be continued.
  • Must be set more than 50% of global trade between Florida business and citizens of the contracting country.
  • An individual applicant must be highly professional and have the skills necessary for the successful development and management of the company.
  • The new business must create new jobs.
  • The applicant’s immediate family, i.e., spouse or children under age 21 are also eligible to apply for a business investment USA visa but should make the whole process separately.

E2 Visas (Nonimmigrant Treaty Investors)

  • The investor has to be a legal citizen of the country with treasurer treaty with the United States.
  • Minimum investment of a business budget must exceed the percentages of investment in company substantial costs, ensuring the security in the negotiations.
  • Investments should guarantee a high-profit income exceeding breadwinner of investors or ensure a collision in the commerce of the state of Florida.
  • Individuals who require a visa to USA investors have to be the very leaders of the company, so they have to stay in the territory.

Visa Process For The USA

The migration process involved applying for investor visa Orange County California is a bit complex; it needs to gather all the necessary information that evaluates all the conditions to apply for a visa for foreign investors. Wiliani-Malek immigration lawyer reviews and confirms that all the information is accurate and if they do not comply with all rules to be eligible for these visas will be denied the process.

Some countries require formal interviews with individuals where they will discuss business plans, mutual benefits and gains to be derived with investments. Then consular officers determine whether applicants meet the immigration laws of the United States governing such visas.

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