Fraud Waivers

In regards to visa or green cards: The U.S. immigration authorities have the power to tell you “no” and deny your application if they decide that you’re “inadmissible,”But what is it to be inadmissible? It means that you have a condition or characteristic that the U.S. government has decided is undesirable or would threaten the health, safety or security of people living in the United States.

Although you’ll have to provide a lot of documents to back up any immigration application, at times the immigration officials will have to rely on your word alone. For that reason, it’s very important to them that they be able to trust your word. If you have ever been caught lying to animmigration official or otherwise violated the immigration laws, you are inadmissible.

A ground of inadmissibility applies to immigrants who were assessed a civil penalty for committing document fraud. This is most likely to affect people who lived in the U.S. illegally and bought or sold fake green cards, Social Security cards, or other immigration-related documents. Document fraud means forging, counterfeiting, altering, or making any document to satisfy an immigration requirement; using, attempting to use, possessing, or receiving any such document; or using someone else’s valid document.

Although a waiver is available for the document fraud ground of inadmissibility (for humanitarian purposes or to assure family unity), it’s hard to get. For one thing, it’s available only to applicants who have either already been approved for green cards and simply took a temporary trip out of the U.S. or who are applying for family-based green cards and committed fraud solely to assist, aid, or support their husband, wife, or child.


How The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek can help you: The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek has vast experience in preparing Fraud Waivers. We pride ourselves on our dedication to staying current on all new immigration laws, rules and cases. We can meet with you to discuss your case and whether your case is suitable fora fraud waiver. We will not accept a fraud waiver case unless we believe you have a legitimate chance to receive the waiver.


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