Extreme Hardship Waiver

Extreme Hardship Waivers - Generally, a person wishing to immigrate to the United States is ineligible if he/she has accumulated a certain amount of time of unlawful presence, a significant criminal record, or other grounds for denial. However, waivers are available to some individuals. One of the waivers is an extreme hardship waiver, which allows an individual to immigrate despite the usual barriers to immigration. The U.S. Government will allow an individual to immigrate to the U.S. if the family would experience “extreme hardship” if he/she is not allowed to immigrate.

How The Law Firm of Wiliani-Malek can help you: We have prepared countless extreme hardship waiver cases, and our success rate is extremely high. We offer free limited consultations in order to discuss your case and determine whether it is in your best interest to pursue an extreme hardship waiver. We will discuss the benefits and process of pursuing an extreme hardship waiver.


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