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Individuals potentially subject to deportation from the US can come to the attention of US Immigration enforcement officers in many different ways. The local police may pull someone over for a traffic violation. Student visa holders are referred to them when they drop below their required credit hours. Denied immigration benefits applications, even those denied in error, can lead to deportation proceedings. Even a criminal offense from thirty years ago, which was not a conviction under local law (i.e. a deferred adjudication dismissal) can result in even lawful permanent residents being placed into deportation processing. The ways are varied and numerous.

Trying to survive deportation processing is a difficult venture. The procedures are complicated; the options are difficult to understand and recognize. If you, your loved one or your employee has been put into deportation processing, you need to find competent counsel to help guide and support you through the process.

The deportation attorneys in our firm have tried hundreds of deportation cases in immigration court over more than 20 years of combined experience in courts. We have also taken countless appeals to the higher courts. Parvin Wiliani, the founder of our firm and a board certified immigration and deportation attorney herself is Certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law. Our immigration law firm focuses exclusively on the practice of US Immigration Law. That focus allows us to provide to our clients highly effective and efficient immigration representation.


Anyone who is physically present in the United States but is not a citizen of the United States can potentially be subject to removal proceedings. Removal proceedings in an immigration court are the government’s way of deporting a noncitizen from this country and forcing them to return to their country of nationality. Proceedings can be triggered by any number of things including criminal convictions and failure to maintain status.

Our deportation immigration lawyers represent people in removal proceedings in Los Angeles and Orange County CA. Our deportation attorneys are also available for cases based out of other cities across California and the United States. We accept all kinds of removal cases, including those where the client is detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We also accept cases seeking custody redetermination before an immigration judge (immigration bonds).


When a person does not agree with the ruling of the immigration judge at the conclusion of their removal proceedings, they can appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals in Falls Church, VA. The skill of an experienced attorney is vital to winning an appeal before the BIA. On appeal, cases are evaluated based on legal arguments presented in the form of a written brief. A deportation attorney must have a vast and detailed knowledge of immigration laws and immigration cases in order to make the best, most persuasive argument possible.

Our deportation immigration lawyers collaborate on most of our cases and spend many hours discussing legal strategy. Together they have over a dozen years of experience in immigration law cases, deportation and appeals.

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