Naturalization Denials and Appeals

Having a naturalization application denied is a difficult experience for an aspiring US citizen. A naturalization application may be denied for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the alien’s moral character was at issue. In order to naturalize the alien must show that s/he has had good moral character for the last five years. An US Citizenship and Immigration Services officer might deem an applicant to lack good moral character for a variety of reasons including criminal convictions, failure to pay child support, illegal gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, failure to register with the Selective Service, and adultery are just a few potential reasons.

While the denial of a naturalization application can be disheartening, there is good news. There are opportunities to appeal the denial through administrative review .

The appeal process is complex and generally extremely law-focused; therefore, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney representing you and writing the legal brief arguing for approval. The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek has vast experience with all aspects of the naturalization process including appeals. Managing attorney Parvin Wiliani-Malek has helped many clients obtain naturalization through the appeal process.

How The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek can help you:If there is a denial of a naturalization application or intent to deny the application, it is imperative that the applicant move promptly to fix the situation. It is possible to solve the problem and get the application approved without the need for an appeal or deportation proceedings, but the applicant will need an attorney that is well-versed in dealing with these situations. The Law Office of Wiliani-Malek can work with the Immigration Officers and attempt to convince them to grant the application. This can avoid the need for an appeal and possible deportation proceedings. If necessary, we can represent you in an appeal to have the naturalization application granted.


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