Adjustment of Status

The adjustment of status process is the final step for aliens living in the United States and seeking to obtain a green card and permanent residency. For individuals who have conditional permanent residence based on a marriage less than two years old at the time of adjustment, they must remove the conditions on permanent residence.

Generally, individuals who entered the United States without being inspected and admitted are ineligible for adjustment of status. There are exceptions available such as 245(i) which allows individuals who entered the US illegally or fall out of status to acquire a green card through adjustment of status.


How the Law Office of Wiliani-Malek, Inc. can help you?

We are well versed in all types of adjustment of status cases. We analyze each case to determine if our client is eligible for adjustment of status before filing any paperwork with the government. It is better to ascertain the chances of being granted before filing in order to avoid a denial and subsequent deportation proceedings. In our Law Firm, we understand that our clients want a green card. We also understand that most of our clients do not want to risk deportation if their chances of obtaining a green card are minimal. For this reason, we offer limited free consultations to help you understand the options available to you.


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